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About Us

Welcome to Plustik World!

Uncover the joy of sustainable innovation as we revolutionize plastic waste, making every effort a tale of eco-friendly brilliance.

Estabilished in 2019

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Solution and Product

Plustik’s Solution and Products tackle plastic waste by officially partnering with cities, diverting and transforming low-value plastics into sustainable, diverse non-single use products

Official Partnership

Working officially with a city to setup a collection facility inside their landfill.

Daily Diversion Impact

Divert up to 5 tons of low value hard to recycle plastic waste every day. That is equal to removing about 3 millions instant noodle packaging per day

Innovative Transformation

Process and turn all of those materials to new non single use products.

Sustainable Expansion

Sell various new non single use product to sustain our operation and to expand to other cities.

Are You Ready To Build New Project With Us?

Are you prepared to join forces with Plustik and contribute to a better world? Together, let’s make a positive impact by addressing plastic waste issues and fostering sustainability for future generations

Professional Team

Our professional team at Plustik comprises dedicated experts in communication, marketing, production, finance, and operations. Together, we drive impactful solutions for a sustainable future.

Reza Hasfinanda


¬†Plustik’s visionary Founder and CEO, brings a wealth of experience in communication, marketing, and production, driving sustainable innovations and fostering positive change in environmental practices.

Agus Tiawana

Alpha site Manager

Orchestrates seamless operations with precision and leadership. His strategic vision and effective management significantly contribute to Plustik Alpha’s site sustainable initiatives and overall success.

Hesty Permata

Assitant accounting Manager

Understanding Plustik’s needs and driving its success, she brings a passion for excellence, creative problem-solving, and a focus on tailored solutions. 


Beta site Production Manager

Exemplifies expertise and commitment in overseeing production processes. With meticulous attention, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the high-quality and sustainable output of Plustik’s products.

Belva Ophelia

Account Executive

At the core of our client relationships, our Account Executives embody excellence and a deep understanding of client needs. She drive success through unparalleled service and customized solutions, navigating challenges with creativity and expertise. With Plustik’s Account Executives by your side, trust that your business goals are in capable hands.

Renaldi Setiawan

Beta Site finance

orchestrates seamless operations with precision and leadership. His strategic vision and effective management significantly contribute to Plustik’s sustainable initiatives and overall success.

Team Alpha


Our trash pickers at our facility
inside Galuga landfill