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The Real Problem of Plastic Waste

When everybody else is too busy solving the plastic bottle problems, we focus on the most problematic plastic waste in the most problematic place.
The low value hard to recycle plastic at the landfill.
Every time we go to any landfills in Indonesia, all of them are full of these materials, as they have no value, almost impossible to collect because it take so long and so many just to get 1 Kg.
In oder for us to do this on a daily basis, we set up a collection facility inside the landfill to collect and divert up to 5 tons/day of these problematic plastic waste and to make sure all that we divert does not come back and pollute the environment, we turn all of those materials into new non single use products.

Pilot Implementation

Our pilot project in Galuga landfill of Bogor City West Java started early in 2022.
We have a binding contract with the City of Bogor to setup our facility inside their landfill to collect/divert the plastic waste which 99% are low value hard to recycle plastic waste.

We sustain our operation from selling our end products. Selling more diverse products, making more profit will help us achieve our ultimate goal to expand to another landfills in another cities, creating bigger impact in saving the environment.

Solution and Product

Plustik’s Solution and Products tackle plastic waste by officially partnering with cities, diverting and transforming low-value plastics into sustainable, diverse non-single use products

Official Partnership

Working officially with a city to setup a collection facility inside their landfill.

Daily Diversion Impact

Divert up to 5 tons of low value hard to recycle plastic waste every day. That is equal to removing about 3 millions instant noodle packaging per day

Innovative Transformation

Process and turn all of those materials to new non single use products.

Sustainable Expansion

Sell various new non single use product to sustain our operation and to expand to other cities.

Awesome Facts

Plustik pavement block is selected the winner of 2023 Best Design from Good Design Indonesia.

Plustik pavement block is selected as one of the winner of Good Design Award in Japan by G Mark Japan. 

Official announcement by G Mark Japan on October 5th, 2023.

Our Products

Our Products are made from 100% low value hard to recycle plastic waste. Please incuire to have your custom design product.

Fisherman Boat

Innovative, eco-friendly watercraft crafted from 100% recycled plastic, addressing environmental concerns while supporting sustainable fishing practices.

Mobile Phone Stand

Eco-friendly design, repurposing plastic waste into a sleek, functional accessory, providing a sustainable solution for tech enthusiasts.

Pavement Blocks

Environmentally conscious construction material, transforming low-value plastic waste into durable and innovative paving solutions for sustainable urban development.

Clothes Hanger

Eco-conscious design meets functionality, crafted from recycled plastics, providing a durable and sustainable solution for everyday use.

Are You Ready To Make Better World With Us?

Are you prepared to join forces with Plustik and contribute to a better world? Together, let’s make a positive impact by addressing plastic waste issues and fostering sustainability for future generations

Frequently Asked Questions

Plustik is dedicated to addressing plastic waste issues by diverting low-value plastics from landfills and transforming them into sustainable, non-single use products.

Plustik collaborates with cities to establish collection facilities within landfills, enabling the daily diversion of up to 5 tons of hard-to-recycle plastic waste.

Plustik produces a range of non-single use products, including Fisherman Boats, Pavement Blocks, Mobile Phone Stands, Clothes Hangers, and more, all made from recycled plastics.

Plustik sustains its operations by selling the diverse range of non-single use products it creates, ensuring financial independence without relying on government funding or tipping fees.